battery2go is a flexible and cost-effective fast fuelling system for electric vehicles.

A fully automated swapping station provides the appropriate number of modules for every vehicle type, assembles them into a new vehicle battery and replaces it within 2 minutes. The driver can stay in the vehicle, the payment is wireless. The entire system is integrated in an air-conditioned container. The station's batteries can deliver up to 1 megawatt positive or negative operating reserve for the public grid on the medium voltage level.

  • full supply of more than 500 vehicles
  • about 100 battery modules per container
  • charging capacity up to 1 MW
  • grid stabilisation through energetic recovery
  • installation without civil engineering
  • scalable for each vehicle category
  • available for all vehicle manufacturers
  • cost-efficient mass production of modules
  • decoupling of the battery and the vehicle life
  • simple integration of the latest battery technologies
  • fully automatic change in 2 minutes
  • guaranteed 100% range after refuelling
  • second life of the modules for energy storage
  • simplified recycling
Time for refuelling
Assumption: increase of the battery capacity up to 100 kWh per vehicle by 2025
refuelling per minute
Assumptions: Vehicle with 50 kWh battery, 5-6 minutes per refuelling (petrol)
total cost of ownership
Assumptions: vehicle price without battery: 18.000 EUR, battery capacity: 50 kWh, battery costs 300 EUR/kWh, electricity costs: 30 ct/kWh private, 15 ct/kWh commercial, mileage per year: 15.000 km, infrastructure costs for one 11 kW home charging station installed: 1.500 EUR/vehicle, infrastructure costs for fast charging stations and 10% supply: 2000 EUR/ vehicle, infrastructure costs for battery2go station: 600 EUR/vehicle, infrastructure maintenance costs: 4% per annum, reduced depreciation with battery2go: 3.000 EUR/vehicle, additional revenues from second life of the modules: 10% of battery price for plugin, 5% for SC plugin, 25% for battery2go, reduced recycling costs battery2go: 3% of the battery price
reachable destinations

grid integration


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